Common Sense Before Calling 

Okay, so you lost your keys and you feel dumb. We've all done it at one point or another. Reading the tips below will keep you from sounding dumb when you call a locksmith.

The following examples were taken from actual phone calls :

  • If you're locked out of the house, please do not expect to come to us to pick up a key. We do not have a pre-cut key to your house nor do we have magical locksmith key that opens every lock in the world. Our mobile locksmith must come to you.

  • Memphis, TN is not a part of town or area. We always ask what part of town you're located in order to give an estimated time of arrival. So please do not answer "Memphis" when we ask.

  • Know the year AND the make AND the model of the vehicle you need keys forDo not only tell us "it's a Chevy" or "it's a 2004". If you don't know the make, in most cases, it says it on the back of the vehicle.

  • When the locksmith asks for the address we are wanting to know where you need assistance. Do not give us you're home address if your keys are locked in the car at the restaurant where you are eating dinner.

  • Do not give us a phone number to a phone that is locked in your car or your home or otherwise you are unable to answer. (This one happens a lot.) The locksmith asks for your phone number in case he has trouble finding you. So make sure we have a number where you can be reached.  


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