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Locksmith in Lakeland TN

Automotive Locksmith in Lakeland TN


Our mobile locksmith in Lakeland, TN offers car key replacement. We have the ability to cut and program car keys wherever your car or truck is located. No more towing your vehicle to the dealership in order to have a new key made and programmed. Not all cars have "chip" keys, so let our locksmith know the year, make, and model when getting a quote. 225 Lock can also install new ignitions, cut keys by code, program key fobs, and make duplicate car keys.   24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service


Whether you have broken your car key in half or it's broken off inside the lock, our locksmith in Lakeland TN has the ability to repair a broken car key or truck key on the spot. Most broken keys can be copied using both pieces of the broken key at a lower cost to you. Let our Lakeland TN locksmith know the year, make and model of your car or truck when calling. 24 Hour Locksmith Service


If you have locked keys in a car we do not suggest prying your door and using hangers to unlock your car. This can scratch the paint, bend your door frame, and tear your weather stripping, letting outside elements damage the interior of your car. Let our licensed & mobile Lakeland TN locksmith safely unlock your car without any damage to your locked car or truck. 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service

Residential Locksmith in Lakeland TN


Do you need to have the locks "changed" because someone else may have a key? There is no need to replace the entire lock to protect your property when they can be rekeyed at a fraction of the cost by our licensed mobile locksmith in Lakeland, TN. 225 Lock also has the ability to cut as many copies of your new house keys as you need on site using our mobile locksmith key-cutting machines. 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service (901) 233-6971


All residential and commercial locks opened. Our locksmith in Lakeland TN takes pride in being a skilled and experienced lock-picker in order to keep from drilling out your locks at all cost. 225 Lock realizes the urgency of getting you back inside your home. We will rapidly come to you as soon as we hear from you. 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith in Lakeland TN


Whether you need your commercial business locks repaired or rekeyed, call us for a free estimate. Sometimes your employees leave and also hold a key. Call our licensed locksmith in Lakeland TN to rekey your commercial grade locks. We also offer high security keys & restricted "Do Not Duplicate" keys for access control and high security locks that provide the extra security in order to keep your business or office safe & secure. 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service (901) 233-6971


Do you need access to different doors or buildings that have their own key?  Do you want employees to have a restricted level of access? Ask our licensed Lakeland, TN locksmith about a master key system in order to access different locks with one key. We can master key all the entrance doors for a keyholder to open & close the business but only you, the owner, has a master key that operates all doors including office doors and entrance doors.  24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service


If you need new locks installed or existing locks repaired we offer a complete line of different brands to best fit any applications for your commercial property. Our licensed locksmith in Lakeland, TN also adjusts, repairs, and replaces door closers to meet ADA Standards and Fire Safety Codes in order to keep all your customers safe. Ask our licensed locksmith in Lakeland, TN which brand is best for you. 24 Hour Locksmith Service

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