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Locked Out in Memphis TN? Learn How to Unlock a Door with No Damage

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225 LOCK does not advise prying your door with wedges and using hangers to retrieve your keys. This can bend your door frame while tearing your weather stripping, letting outside elements damage the interior of your car. Let our Memphis locksmith safely retrieve your keys without any damage when your keys are locked in your car. 24 Hour Locksmith Service

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All residential locks opened. Our home lockout locksmith takes pride in being a skilled and experienced lock-picker in order to keep from drilling out your locks at all cost. 225 Lock realizes the urgency of getting you back inside your home. We will rapidly come to you as soon as we hear from you. Call (901) 233-6971 for 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service

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Locked out of your business, office, or store? Don't worry, we don't judge! Our Commercial Lockout service is like having a magician unlock your door. This amazing locksmith service will leave you asking how they did that! Our expert technicians use lock picks, Lishi tools, and other fancy tools to get you back inside without causing damage to the locks or to the door. So, sit back, and let us our magic!

Call Us Now : (901) 233-6971

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